Valeriia Razheva

From a Russian provincial town to aspiring for a prestigious American university, my life deviates from convention. Battling community close-mindedness in a small town of Pavlovo, I worked hard, winning the English Academic Olympiad for free admission to the High School “Center for Gifted Children” in bigger city of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. Success in state exams secured entry to Saint Petersburg University. The YEAR Exchange Program led me to Utah’s Snow College in 2021. Amidst this, Russia’s war in Ukraine began on February 24. I became an advocate, using social media, donations, and volunteering to aid Ukrainian refugees. Fearing persecution, I applied for political asylum. The future is uncertain, but my unwavering determination and sincere heart will guide me, illuminating a path marked by resilience and a commitment to positive change.