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Global Commons is a digital publication uplifting student voices and ideas. Produced entirely by a diverse group of students from OSUN partner institutions, Global Commons features essays, articles, creative writing, and artwork on issues related to democratic practice, sustainability and climate, inequalities, human rights, global justice, global public health, arts and society, and liberal arts and sciences. Published twice a year, the magazine encourages students to create and submit works in any genre or language, giving them a chance to develop as writers, leaders, and global citizens.

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Rural Bangladesh

Photo series of People and Places of Rural Bangladesh

The Unwanted: Syrian Refugees in Turkey

It has been over 10 years that the Syrians have faced war within their country. A war that has brought poverty, misery, and torture into the average Syrian’s life.

Neurofeminism: the call for intersectionality

In the last several decades, a new strand of feminism has arisen in the field of neurosciences under the name of neurofeminism as a collective scholarly effort to overcome the gender-essentialism in the research on sex differences in the brain. 

Autistic behavior as the presentation of the «other» in the society

The aim of this essay is to view the struggles that autistic people (diagnosed with ASD/autism spectrum disorder) face through the lens of Erwing Goffman’s theory of social interactions.

Why Buddhist Nationalists in Myanmar being silent on the Rohingya Crisis

Myanmar is a diverse country with different ethnicities and religions. That diversity has not led to unity but has created ethnic conflicts and communal violence among different religions in Myanmar since its independence. 


We welcome student-generated submissions in any genre, including research-based, journalistic, or expository academic work, and creative work, including personal narrative, fiction, poetry or other art and media including sound files, photo essays, or visual art