Global Commons is a new student-run online multimedia publication. Supported by the Open Society University Network (OSUN), this student-centric publication presents an array of writing and visual pieces on issues related to Human Rights, Global Justice, Global Public Health, Arts and Society, Sustainability and Climate, Inequalities, and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Editorial Team

The Global Commons Editorial Team comprises students from across the globe, working together to review, edit and publish submitted works. Get to know our team below:
Hephzibah Emereole

Managing Editor

Hephzibah U. Emereole


Design Editor

Abdullah Naseer

IMG-20210220-WA0034 (2)

Content Editor

Maxine Brenya


Content Editor

Miles Masters

Umma Maimuna Alam, photo(1)

Content Editor

Umma Maimuna Alam