When Hijab Becomes a Battleground

Not a jail, but a place like a jail is made specially for those females who have no proper hijab on, in Iran. It’s called Rehab too where a punished girl with no a proper hijab is taken. She can be guided there through some islamic classes and get well explained about the importance of hijab. 

“Police should bring peace & security. When someone hears it, they feel safe but in my country, we get scared when we hear of the police ”, says Sherin Bekzad,  a 20 years old Iranian “girl”. She’s disappointed by most of her cultural and religious decisions applied only to females. The recent incident that happened to a young girl “Mahsa Amini” due to her hijab, has grown to a scale larger than what Iran has experienced in years. 


Sherin has recently moved to Kyrgyzstan in order to study medicine. While living in Iran, she was uncomfortable all the time with the strict law of her country and always used to hear “Be careful” from her dad especially. As she says; probably the same thing would have happened to me had Mahsa Amini occurred. 


Hijab is compulsory in Iran. To control the whole nation of Iran, the police have been divided into two. One is peace police who brings peace to the country and the other is morality police. Morality police work as spies inside the country with CCTV cameras all over the cities of Iran. These spies are working to check only females’ hijab including some other religious relevance. They might arrest you or fine you. It is quite unbelievable that spy police don’t even allow pets and they don’t allow loud music played in cars. 


Mahsa was arrested and killed due to the same Iranian law through morality police. She was just 22 years old. Her ears were bleeding by the time they took her to the hospital. Because of the beaten torture, she was in coma for two days and died later. According to Kholi(2022) media, more than 80 Iranian cities have experienced rallies, which have resulted in hundreds of arrests, including many journalists, and violence directed at protesters. Protests throughout the country are being examined, and analysts predict that they won’t end soon. 


Women all around Iran and those Iranians abroad started protesting against wearing hijab with the (Women, life, freedom) slogan. “For more than 40 years, they have been forcing us to live based on their ideology. We have never had the right to decide. 


And this fight for making our choices is becoming a revolution. It’s no longer a protest.” A lot of the protests were stopped by morality police. Some of the protesters  were pushed and faced fire shooting based on twitter videos published by Afghan and Iranian news sources. (Afghanistan International) is a good source to check. 


Sherin is very disappointed to mention that Iran, despite being a rich country by natural resources and an old history, “look what have they been doing to us”. This is insane and inhuman action. All Iranian women including Sherin are fighting against forced rule of their country. They are all zone voices and will never again stand for living based on ideology.  Iranians all around the world are cutting their hair and burning their scarves to show the world how they are living an unwanted life (we don’t want to wear hijab, we don’t want to wear hijab). 

A fight to wear hijab in India 


The world is becoming different. You’ll see people fighting for hijab and meanwhile someone dies due to hijab. Isn’t it cruel when hijab becomes a battle? Take India for example. 17. 22 crore ?muslims are living in India. 14% of Indians are muslim and have a strict belief regarding the Hijab. There are muslims who don’t wear hijab. Zahera is a good example of it.  Zahera is a 19 years old muslim Indian girl. She studies in college. She respects Islam and believes in the existence of Allah. 


The whole controversy regarding hijab started in Karnataka in India. Almost 6 female students in PU (Primary Unites) college of girls in Udupi were not allowed to attend their classes because of their hijab. The students protested on Dec 31 2021 claiming the college was not allowing them to the class. Udupi MLa Raghupati Bhat who heads the college development committee made the decision.


Meeting with the parents, he told students to follow the dress code in the classroom. The students chose to stay away from the classroom.The students filed a written petition in the Karnataka High court and also approached the national human rights commission. A Group of boys who were wearing shufrons (traditional Indian scarves)  also got an order to wait with the decision of hijab until the government made a final decision. After the final decision was made that muslim female student cannot enter  the classroom, girls opposed the law and started protesting against the decision. Jai bheem was long and they wanted to be treated equally. 


Zahera and her friends protested at their college. But due to the academic environment, their instructors stopped them. Protests were going on. But there weren’t any shooting or beating cases against it. Instead there were some boys who were wearing shufron, who used to harass hijabi girls. “The court decision was cruel as they announced, hijab evolved as a measure to protect the security of women, and bore a nexus to the socio-cultural conditions that existed at the time the Quran was written”. Since then, the government started building separate schools and colleges for those who wear hijab since muslim feminists were insistent on their decision.  


One thing that needs to be correct in every religion and culture is the definition of freedom. It becomes sensitive when a woman mentions it.Some nations view freedom as requiring women to expose their clothing.  It isn’t about that. It all comes down to personal preferences. Choices include schooling, marriage, and whether to cover the whole body or walk around naked. 


Lust control is called hijab in Afghanistan 


Not only Iran, when it comes to Afghanistan, which is known as the most insecure country,  women are forced to wear  hijab as well. Iran is safe and wasn’t at war for a long period. People are educated and valued. ?in afghanistan?Women are forced to stay inside their homes unless going out is  absolutely necessary. This might be striking to mention, but the reason why girls are banned from school is their gender and based on Taliban ideology, there’s no strategic plan to walk to school. Because women shouldn’t walk on the same streets as men do. If they both use the same path, they will commit sin and most probably women are the reason. It’s a woman’s walk and hair that makes a man lustful. Therefore, she should be covered. 


An Afghan girl, Sameera Omarzai who graduated from school and is studying  sociology, is concerned about her education in Kandahar. “I can’t breathe properly when I am going out with naqad (dark religious headwear)  under 49 ° C warm weather”. Banning girls from school to travel without Mahran (father, brother, husband, son) is a law where Taliban proved that they are nothing without men. 


“I remember how they started shooting fire to stop our protest and beat some of my friends with guns’ ‘, Maryam Khairkhwa said. She’s an Afghan activist living in the United States now. She was evacuated, through her work place, after the Taliban took over the country. Maryam is a feminist too. She claims that it’s unfair that men are relating hijab only to females and religions have always targeted women. 

No religion permits people of either gender to dress revealingly. Every religion has its own set of guidelines and advice for living a good life. Assumptions exist. But a healthy personality can be characterized as preferring not to follow those assumptions. It is horrible when women are targeted all the time. Force is never a choice. Force has rendered millions of women choiceless. Women wearing hijab, not wearing hijab and are forced to wear hijab has made the saddest and violent history ever in the world.