Onka Ajayebzai

My name is Onka Ajayebzai and I am a junior student in the Journalism department at the American University of Central Asia. I am from the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. My birthplace was where I lived for five years before moving with my family to Kabul, the capital of our nation, because at the time women’s educational opportunities were somewhat limited. After some time, my family made the decision to relocate back to Kandahar because that is where my brother had chosen to launch his business. And happily, I was given the chance to travel to India as a camp leader while also becoming an alumni of the American Council. Additionally, numerous travels and journeys have chosen me to carry out initiatives for women’s empowerment and serve as a teacher for young people in my community. I once taught English lessons. In addition to teaching English, I had the chance to share some of my leadership abilities through a camp that was organized inside the building where I used to teach. I think that the culmination of my experiences and journey prompted me to enroll at AUCA and seek a degree in my favorite field of journalism.