Are We Having Fun Yet?


I wanted to tell a simple story with a lot of meaning. However, I did not want to dictate the tone of the story or manipulate people’s emotions with the tone of my voice. I wanted it to feel as natural as possible. I thought to myself: “How would I tell this story to my friend if I was having dinner with her?” Naturally, I went to dinner with her and told her the story. I started the story casually, explained the situation with a light tone of voice, and then, by the end of it, I started speaking slower and I made more breaks between the sentences. I told her how I felt. I realized that if I wanted to make it sound natural, I had to tell it this way. And I wanted it to sound as real as possible because it is a real story, of a real person, in a real Bulgarian small town. 

Are suits extraordinary? I wouldn’t say so. Are women wearing suits extraordinary? No, not really. Perhaps these aren’t the right questions. Where is a woman in a suit considered to be extraordinary? Well, let me tell you a story…