Nikol Bozhidarova Nikolova

My name is Nikol Nikolova and I am a third-year student at the American University in Bulgaria. I am majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as Modern Languages and Cultures with a German Language focus. I discovered my passion for telling stories early in my life when I had to write an essay describing my first vacation. Later on, I discovered that there are different ways to tell stories. The combination of visuals, written text, and sound effects has the power to translate the magnificent, the irresistible, the dreadful, and the tragic into art. Art that has the power to create, destroy and rebuild ideas, stereotypes, and concepts. Art that allows us to see beyond what is visible through the physical eye. It educates, entertains, and brings justice to those who need it. Since 2020, my work has been related to exploring social issues through digital storytelling, showing that we can work together for impactful change. Throughout the last three years of my education, I have taken classes in Podcasting, Visual Communication, Advanced Cinematography, Digital Storytelling, and Advanced Writing for different media outlets. I am an aspiring storyteller, passionate about contributing to society with my work in the field of journalism.