When do women rest

Mouri Mahajabin


When do women rest if she wakes up before everyone,

If she moans through her morning breath and eyes’ undone.

Into despair she looks or in a sink full of dirty collide.

If the Roti isn’t round enough and her hand just tied!


When do women rest, if she cannot even speak her mind.

When is her time, as she gets ready for the bus,

One precious minute is wasted, the salary may run dry.

She may be covered in head to toe, or in cropped top,

Her thoughts will go on about YOU men’s rot.


When DO the women rest, if she cannot break free

From household chores or office politics.

She- always thinking about what might go wrong,

The slip of her orna or god forbidden bra and thong.

Her mascara can be ruined, so can her free will,

In the name of humanity or transgressed fluid.

Women rest, when they rest in peace, Once and for all,

She frees herself from the calamity of your damned soil.