Ucchas Tarafder

Hello, I’m Ucchas Tarafder, a junior at BRAC University, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Besides academics, my heart lies in travel and videography, finding immense joy in capturing people’s life stories.

In community involvement, I facilitated BRACU Project Srijon, assisting 90 students in grades 6-8, addressing issues like cyberbullying and instilling basic ICT skills and social awareness. I was also in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I coordinated self-development awards, dedicating time to video editing, teaching, and jogging.

I am also Passionate about multiculturalism, I organized BRACU’s first Cultural Exchange in 2023, covered by national media, gaining significant attention.

Leading at BRACU, I am the President of the BRAC University Communication and Language Club, actively contributing to our diverse community. Balancing academics, I’m also Chief of Cyber Security Program at Adblast, committed to meaningful contributions.