Theint Thada Phyu Bio

Theint Thada Phyu is a dynamic and dedicated individual with a passion for learning and contributing to her community. Born on November 29, 2002, she is a driven student currently pursuing an Online BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at PARAMI UNIVERSITY, with an expected graduation date in May 2026. Throughout her academic journey, Theint Thada Phyu has actively engaged in diverse pursuits that showcase her commitment to personal and societal growth. Notably, she has participated in significant projects such as the COVID-19 Group for Citizen Science Workshop and the Nipah Virus and Deforestation in One Health Hackathon Project. These experiences reflect her enthusiasm for interdisciplinary collaboration and addressing real-world challenges. In addition to her academic achievements, Theint Thada Phyu has also demonstrated a strong sense of community engagement. She has been a part of various organizations, including the Burmese American Community Institute and SEED for Myanmar, where she honed her skills in research, training, and leadership. Her dedication to education is further highlighted by her roles as a volunteer IT instructor, a part-time teacher, and a co-leader of the volunteer program at Community’s Heart Education Center. Fluent in Burmese and possessing upper intermediate proficiency in English, Theint Thada Phyu is a versatile communicator. Her skills extend to content writing, public speaking, and critical thinking. Proficiency in IT tools, including video editing, further enhances her ability to convey ideas effectively.