The Teaching of the summit

Bashir Mohamed Musa

The summit covers some of the topics which are very helpful in life. And I am able to learn  something that is applicable in daily life. For example I am impress with the Topic of global  Health of which is something very important. 

Health factors is something that I think I have witness not only in Kakuma refugee camp but  also in my home country and the whole world. Health issues affect mostly marginalize people  and if I reflected back to home country Sudan, I have seen so many people suffering of  health issues especially those who are in the war torn areas. During the last time I left my  country, in my village of kolii, we were affected so much because of the war between Sudan government and the rebel group. In the village so many people who were displaced and there  were no access to medication were-by people could be treated. I saw many death, under trees,  at their homes, and on the roads due to outbreak of skin diseases called chicken pokes and  hanger. This one happen mostly to the young children and the old age people because they are not able to withstand the situations.  

I have also seen the outbreak of the cholera in south Sudan in a small village call camp  fifteen, were almost killing five to seven people in a day which lasted for one month. I really  feel petty and fear to stay at that place. That area was very far from the health Centre were  you can foot for a distance of 2 and half hours to reach the hospital.  

During the time I left from south Sudan to Kenya again, I stayed for many years as 13. I have  witness so many people dying because of luck of improved medication and good care for a 

Bashir Mohamed Musa 

sick person. It happen to my close neighbor “Asha” whose boy passed away just because of  the abdominal pain. And that was because of the luck of improved quality medication in  kakuma refugee camp. When someone is sick, with a complicated disease it is not easy to get  treat unless you have your own money to go to private hospital.  

I visited clinic two and asked one of the patient about how the medication is but a lady call  Kani said mostly the medicine given is not that good to treat because when you are given, it  just relive but not cure. 

I also got some details from the community health mobilizers. In Kakuma, areas are very  wide and the community mobilizers are few in number were by they cannot be able to cover  the whole community that is why they don’t visit all homes for mobilization. 

In conclusion, I see that it is very important to improve the medication in kakuma and the health centers should be near so that if anyone is in critical condition, he or she has to reach  early at the hospital.