The Other Side

The grass is always greener on the other side, That’s what they all say.

Struggle is the same on every side, Says the wise, 

For the greedy,

The world prepares a plate full of misery.  Big words,

Big phrases,

I hear them say,

No matter how dark the night turns, We will all see the dawn.

Everyone lives to see and tell,

A unique, and thus, a different tale. Fears are all illusions of the minds, Look ahead and see the beautiful sky. A world so beautiful 

Waits ahead

With nothing but the happiness.

I do not know big words,

I do not know these phrases.

I see the world with my teary gazes. I look at the smiles

Often that look so bright. 

I wish for what I lack,

Like the greedy little child, All I want is to be on the other side.