Mwebaza Sylivia Samalie & Mukwaya Kasimu

Mukwaya Kasimu (Left)

Mukwaya Kasimu is a tremendously inventive, practical global scholar, student leader, Human Rights advocate, Mental Health activist, and community philanthropist. He was born and raised in Uganda, pursuing his first degree at Brac university. Kasimu stands to empower vulnerable marginalized groups of people not only through fostering mental stability but also through capacity building and economic empowerment. His goal is to help marginalized people gain mental peace and stability and equip them with a set of skills that guarantees their financial freedom. His areas of research interest include Leadership, Investment law, and Market growth and sustainability. He hopes to collaborate with different organizations with shared goals and incorporate his innovativeness to altogether create a “Community for All.”


Mwebaza Sylivia Samalie (Right)

Sylivia is a researcher and an undergraduate student pursuing at Brac University,  Dhaka, Bangladesh. She was born in Uganda and she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Sylivia is interested in showing a need for community issues to be addressed purposely concerning unemployment, violence, democracy, pandemics and business continuity. Her desire is to serve others through research, especially in developing economies, and to set a positive example for those who will come after her.