Summit on Mobility/Immobility

5 October 2023, we were at one of the learning centers in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, marking the last day of our visit to the camps for the OSUN Summit on Mobility / Immobility. Sitting in a room full of young enthusiasts passionately discussing civic engagement and refugee voices, the room kept on buzzing with ideas. I sat by the window at one corner of the room, gazing at local women passing by adorned with the traditional beaded ornaments that embody their stories and communities. My thoughts connected to my presentation on the second day of the summit where I talked about the Rohingya creative practices in the camps of Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. One of the ideas I shared during my talk was the “Culture Box” at the
Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre in Ukhiya, a Foucauldian heterotopia within a heterotopia. This sketch for me stands as no less. This page of my pocket notebook embodies the learnings, memories, and the unwavering spirit of hope and resilience, carrying with me the dream of returning to Kakuma, witnessing the birth of something beautiful out of the spiritus mundi – a world within worlds, space within spaces.

kenya women