Shukri Mohamed Ibrahim

Shukri Mohamed Ibrahim is a young Somali man from Kakuma, Kenya, whose story is all about education, helping others, and bringing people together. Shukri started schooling at Lokitaung Primary School and then Green Light Secondary School, where his love for education started to grow. At OSUN Hubs, he was part of the Refugee Higher Education Access Program (RHEAP) from June 2021 to December 2022, where he learned a lot and helped others with tutoring sessions. Shukri has a real gift for languages, besides being good at English and Kiswahili, he speaks Somali and Maimai effortlessly. This skill has been super useful in his job as an Interpreter at RSC Africa, where he helps people understand each other in English, Somali, Maimai, and Kiswahili. He is also a part of some cool projects, like the Cultural Diversity Intervention Project in Kakuma that he co-founded. He is leading the project and telling stories of individual and cultural-related narratives that helped people understand each other and appreciate different cultures. Shukri is great at listening and talking to people, which comes from working as a receptionist at a hotel in Nairobi. Shukri has learned many other things, youth sports facilitator, understanding peace, and managing projects. Shukri is good with computers and using programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. He is friendly, super organized, and patient, which helps a lot when he is helping others. Shukri is currently a peer tutor for the OSUN Hubs and an OSUN Global Leadership Fellow he also attended Visual Leadership Conference 2023. His journey is all about learning and bringing people together. He has a big mood for education and tries to advocate for his fellow refugees and wants his fellows’ voices to be heard, and his mix of skills and experiences shows how much he cares about creating a better, more connected world.