Safonov Janis

Janis Povilaitis (Safonov)  is a multifaceted artist born in 1987, renowned for his roles as a director, performer, and contemporary artist. His artistic journey began with studies in acting at the Theatrical University in Yaroslavl, followed by further education in acting and directing under Lev Erenburg in St. Petersburg. Janis further honed his directing skills at Kama Ginkas’s course at the Raikin High School of Performing Arts in Moscow.


Since 2010, Janis has carved a niche for himself as an independent dancer and performer. His directorial credits include innovative performances that often blend choreography with compelling narratives, such as the choreographic exploration “Woman-Skeleton. Etudes.” based on an Inuit tale, and the reimagined story of Prometheus in “Lost Prometheus. Version Oceanidas.”


Janis’s engagement with movement direction and independent projects further underscores his versatility and commitment to exploring diverse artistic expressions. His works frequently involve collaborations across disciplines and cultures, evidenced by projects like “Danse Macabre,” a death research ritual, and “DISSOLVE,” a photo-performance trip in the woods.


In addition to his performance work, Janis is deeply committed to education, having taught various workshops and courses on movement and physical theater in Moscow, Prague, and Vilnius. He has also been a regular participant in international festivals and theatrical collaborations, showcasing his work on numerous prestigious platforms.


Currently, Janis is pursuing a Master’s degree in “Visual Plastics” at the European Humanities University in Vilnius, focusing on expanding his expertise in visual arts. With this new academic endeavor, he begins his path as a contemporary artist, exploring the intersections of visual art and performance, aiming to push the boundaries of traditional and modern artistic expressions.