Photo series of People and Places of Rural Bangladesh

Picture 1: The nature of Bangladesh is from Birdseye’s view

Picture 2: Trees are the beauty of Bangladesh

Picture 3: This is a seasonal road built across the river. In the monsoon season, this road remains underwater, and in the dry season, this road becomes visible as the water decreases. Some homes also build in the middle of the river.

Picture 4: A boat is crossing the river and the sun’s rays are reflecting on the river

Picture 5: A boat, river and, sunset.

Picture 6: Boat and field

Picture 7: The field is ready for cultivation

Picture 8: Farmers are working in the field

Picture 9: This machine is cutting paddy and threshing them. Previously all these works were done by men and now technology is replacing men’s work

Picture 10: People are catching fishes from pond. Some boys are watching this

Picture 11: This is a rural market. Here people sell their products. In this picture, a man is selling his products

Picture 12: A rural woman is cooking in an earth oven

Picture 13: A rural woman is working

Picture 14: Rural boys are playing football on the field

Picture 15: This is a mustered flower field. Here are some flowers for you

Picture 16: Lotus flower and sunset