Rakib Hossain Ontu

I am Rakib Hossain Ontu, a student at BRAC University currently in my 3rd year in the CSE department. A hobbyist photographer with a goal  to show frames that others can not. Mostly interested in street and landscape photography with experience of almost half a decade. I try to show social and economical issues of Bangladesh through my photography and try to show them publicly for people to see. As a student I am still learning the way the word  works hence I roam around the city to find different stories of the street and people. I am also an executive in the photo-wing at Brac University Art and Photography Society(BUAPS) where I gained some of my University photography experience. 

Through my photography journey I have seen various environmental elements that had changed through the years like, the climate, temperature, colors of the season and so on. For my photos for social issues, I was one of the winners of SDG360 ‘Lead the Change’ photography competition.