Poem about the moment that made me a better person.

Joseph Pal Char

OSUN Hubs for Connected Learning

(I wrote this poem as a voice to show how education as change my life and the life of 185000 refugees in Kakuma. It will be a great honour to campaign for the right to education to the millions that still stay  numb through OSUN. Through the summit, I learnt ways on how to make this happen and to me, through advocating and be in the front row in decision made regarding refugee education. I am confident through the OSUN Student Voice Group; we can make this happen)

Amidst teak and mahogany forests

Lies our mud-hut, beautiful and small

Next to the house is cattle-shed

Millions sing every morning call

Born in no education

Farm and adventure we go

Swimming and herding

That was the definition of fun

 In realms of dreams, where life takes form

Duty whisper beckon’s, cultural norm

Born to be a soldier, born to be a man

Adulthood calls, at the age of five

Amidst duty calls

lies tears behind, Dreams go away, life is left behind

We lose folks, we lose homes

Poverty and hunger knock, doors wide opened

We flee to new homes, in lands uncharted and free

Greeted by script and quill, we burry arrows and pistol-tees

We script our fate each day, art of change swifts ‘sweet range

Highest amongst the class, keen and meek in school domain

Years flew, pals withdrew

We chased the paper, crafting the paper

Out where it’s real, dressed to appeal

Fighting for generations to come, as millions stay numb

It cradled me, found me a new home

I gaze above and think, Is that me? 

Smiles as I climb, progress I undertake

With pen at hand, I was a better person