Pawn’s Plight in Real-life


Abstract: The poem depicts the flawed education system in the society. The written piece of work resembles the life of a person as a chess match where the society plays the role of the board. Children are thought to be the pawns of the game where they need to accomplish the goals selected by their parents. In our society, being doctors, engineers are considered prestigious jobs where the children are forced to become one of them in most cases. The scenario reflects on the social dilemma of a child’s parents for making them successful in life.

What does society reflect on? I wonder! 

When human beings part ways for not following the usual.

Comparison shines the place with a peaceful light,

Where competition turns on the success and bright. 


Where is the generation heading? I wonder!

Nothing but the race for grades is found

No matter how much ache you harbor,

Checkmate is the outcome where all are bound.


Kids have the yearn to play in the ground 

Yet they end up taking on the role of a chess armor,

Being driven to the destination fixed by their parents

Neither can they move freely nor can they pass more than a square. 


Where does this run come to an end?

In a chess match when the armor is exchanged,

At the end of its way, becoming the compelled superiors

While society crowns them with doctors, engineers and other honors.


What happens to the ones who fail to shadow the triumphants?

Those pawns who failed to run with their opponents?

Be it a chess board or the human world

‘Defeated’ is what they are called.


The term ‘life’ starts with being a chess pawn

Bishops, knights and rooks are the idols to follow, 

Where the child needs to be their clone

And a wrong step causes huge falls for them to swallow.