Nature - A Mystery

When I look around me, I see the complexities of nature that go beyond the limitations of life and death. To me, nature is secretive but it’s also like an open book. The secret of nature can be found all around us if we know how to really look for it. The spring brings life into this world by making the flowers bloom to the fullest, while the winter shows its cruelty by representing death. The sky, a graveyard of stars at night, becomes a canvas for the clouds during the day. Sun adds color to that colorless canvas and creates a masterpiece that often goes unnoticed by most. The moon in all its loneliness, stands like an immortal. But everything must come to an end, as every beginning has an ending. That’s the rule of nature. Whether it’s the unwavering mountain, or a fragile human body, it must reach its end one day. Maybe that’s the most intriguing part of nature, how it can bring even a mighty mountain to fall but it can also make a fragile human conquer a mighty mountain.

They are only ever in my dreams

I always tell people to not get sad

When someone dies,

Because they are in a better place, right?

But I don’t know more of a better place 

Than being in their arms 

And I know for a fact that 

I’m not anymore.

I’m not mad about the fact that 

They’re dead,

I’m mad about the fact that 

I’m not.

I’m mad that they’re happy without me,

I’m mad that they’ve moved on,

I’m mad that I still can’t.

I’m mad that I still cry,

Even when they’re not there to wipe my tears,

Or to say cheers

When I win.

Or to pick me up

When I fall.

I know it’s not their fault

But it isn’t mine either.

I just wish I had hugged them tighter,

For one last time.

And I know that my thoughts are in vain,

That I can never touch them again.

They are only ever in my dreams,

And I’ll wake up each time and scream,


They are only ever in my dreams.

Angel’s tears

A Flash of Life

Fly high




Nature’s Poetry

No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.

Parallel hearts , always together yet forever apart.

Piece of heaven

The earth laughs in flowers