Nahida Qasimi

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Nahida Qasimi, currently in her freshman year at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is pursuing a major in Psychology. She is not only dedicated to her academic pursuits but is also actively involved as a Social Activist and an aspiring feminist. Nahida has been actively engaging with various organizations in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan, driven by her long-standing dream, cultivated since high school, to empower women by enhancing their leadership skills, particularly through sports. As an alumna of the Free To Run Non-profit organization, a scholarship recipient for the Asian University for Women Summer School 2022, alumna of Aspire Leadership program 2022 and a US embassy scholar, Nahida has demonstrated her commitment to both social causes and academic excellence. Beyond her achievements in academia and activism, she is a three-time medalist in Afghanistan national Olympic sports, FTR Marathon, and Half Marathon. Currently, Nahida is diligently working towards her goal of becoming a professional psychologist.