Journey through the labyrinthine heart: A symphony of sights and sounds in Dhaka city

Dhaka city exposes itself as a gorgeous tapestry of emotions as 

I begin my daily journey from the urban metropolis 

neighborhoods of Gulshan and Rampura to the rustic appeal of 

Demra, perfectly mixing with my heart, mind, sound, and 

sight. For me, Dhaka resembles the human brain, where it 

works nonstop to assimilate a wide range of ideas and feelings 

simultaneously, going through phases of strain, craziness, and 

peaceful repose. Now, as I immerse myself in the symphony of 

noises and sights that harmoniously dance with the vivid 

canvas of my mind, let me construct a beautiful and 

descriptive portrait of Dhaka city and the magical experience of commuting from work to home.

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As I start my journey from Mohakhali, my surroundings 

are always busy, and one can never hear any other 

sound but a vehicle’s engine and horns. For me, this is a 

part of my mind where I can not hear any voice, and all 

Ifeel is the emptiness of my thoughts where no 

meaningful ideas or conversation can be generated. 

Unknown sounds and an empty soul with no meaning 

are what I am when I cross the streets of Gulshan circle 

road or Rampura. I am adding the sounds of these places so that one can understand what I mean.

Recording 1 titled “Nothingness”: nk

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I ran into Dhaka city’s infamous traffic gridlock in the middle of my journey; this phase will always have a special meaning. A symphony of thoughts, tales, and emotions come to life among the stationary automobiles, where quiet rules as engines are turned off and reverberate around the space. This environment allows me to watch a tapestry of human experiences, where stories of happiness, suffering, and connection mingle and leave a lasting impression on my soul. 

Even still, throughout the ebb and flow of discussion, there are sorrowful stories, whispers of suffering, and lamentations of loss. An individual’s troubles are described by a voice, which paints a clear image of the difficulties they experience in providing for their family and coping with uncertainty. The gravity of their remarks permeates the silence, reminding me of the frailty of human life and the fortitude needed to overcome challenges in life. 

Recording 2 titled “Meaningfulness”: link

Not just stories and sound but images play an important role 

when I see myself glancing into other automobiles’ windows to 

catch tiny glimpses of human life. A brief meeting of the eyes 

reveals a kaleidoscope of feelings, including a glimmer of 

expectation, a glint of sadness, or a glimmer of reflection. 

Regardless of the unseen experiences, a mysterious connection 

emerges in this wordless dance, acknowledging our connected 


At this very moment, I feel like my mind is the most awake and can feel the greatest sorrows and joy. As the vehicles eventually lurch forward, leaving the congestion behind, I carry with me the imprints of these stories attached in my mind, forever shaping my perception of the vibrant city and the tapestry of lives it holds. 

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As I continue my journey, Dhaka city seems calm and peaceful, 

embracing me with its serene presence. The environment starts to 

change into a more rural setting, where the pace slows, and people 

appear less bothered by the bustle of city life. I am greeted by 

locations like Sheikh er Jaiga and the staff quarters, which are 

decorated with narrow paths that reverberate with the pleasant 

sounds of people conversing and the energetic hum of nearby bazaars. These delightful details are a gentle reminder that I am edging away from the city’s nonstop bustle and toward the

convenience of home. 

However, as I delve further into the rural expanse, an atmosphere of change envelops me, lifting my spirit and replacing any lingering sorrows with renewed hope. Taking in a lot of memories and visuals can sometimes be painful, but the more I get into rural, the more the atmosphere changes. One can hear music, which brings a calm state of mind where a human mind is at ease and relaxed. 

Recording 3, titled “Hope”: 

Recording 4, titled “Music”: 

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Dhaka city has taught me the value of viewing my existence from a different perspective, one that requires patience and a heartfelt understanding, revealing its true beauty and aesthetic and ultimately striking a delicate balance between meaning and nothingness—despite trying my patience with its myriad barriers like traffic, heat, and the feeling of nothingness.