Jasmine Ahmed Bio

Jasmine is a fourth year student at Bard College Berlin (BCB), having also spent time on exchange at the Bard Globalization and International Affairs program. Her major is Ethics and Politics, and she hopes to either pursue an MA in International Relations in Europe or the US after graduating, or work in the Civil Service. Born in London, UK, she became interested in journalism growing up as the BBC was always on in the background at home, and she developed her passion for international relations through stealing her dad’s copies of TIME magazine to read, to the point that he would ask his workplace for old issues to give to her. Jasmine attends BCB as a United World College Scholarship student, and currently works as a research assistant for one of her professors on a larger collaborative project led by the Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB). Her work has been previously published in the Yale Review of International Studies (YRIS) and the BCB student blog “Die Bärliner”.