Israt Alam Raka


I am Israt Alam Raka, an early-career researcher with a keen dedication to human rights, women’s rights, and social justice, with a particular focus on gender issues and interdisciplinary approaches. My journey in the realm of research has been multifaceted, as I’ve engaged in various roles within research-based environments, nurturing my passion for making meaningful contributions to society. As a Teaching Assistant under the guidance of Professor Dr. Jennifer Browdy and Zahid Rafiq, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the complexities of academia while imparting knowledge to others. This experience has not only improved my academic skills but has also ignited a deep-seated commitment to fostering learning and critical thinking. With an unwavering thirst for knowledge and a forward-thinking mindset, I eagerly embrace new challenges and responsibilities on both national and international platforms. My engagements have provided me with diverse experiences, ranging from collaborations with esteemed organizations to active participation in global discussions on crucial issues. My goal is to contribute to the realization of peace and justice, both within my community and on the global stage. I firmly believe that addressing the pressing global concerns requires constant reevaluation and innovative solutions. I am dedicated to guiding this belief into my work for a brighter and more equitable tomorrow.