Ibraheem Rasras

Ibraheem Rasras is 25 years old. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Political Science and International Relations at Near East University, Cyprus. He finished his MA in Human Rights at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and his BA in Human Rights and International Law at Al-Quds Bard College, Palestine. His MA thesis was titled: The Failure of Human Rights System in the Arab Statehood Project: Iraq as a Case Study. His Ph.D. dissertation is titled: African, De-colonial and Marxist Critiques of the Liberal Values of Human Rights: Zimbabwe as a Case-Study. He is interested in Western Philosophy; Sociology; Human Rights Studies; Global South Critiques; The Marxist Critiques of Imperialism; and African Politics. Ibraheem is a Palestinian social-political activist. He wrote one book (preparing to be published). He is about to finish the second book. His interests in both books are to criticize contemporary worldly politics from a non-western viewpoint. He is interested in transferring the successful experience of Liberation Theology in Latin America to the Arab world, Africa, and many areas of the Global South. Furthermore, he shows, in his books, his ideas of the critiques on ideology, modern statehood, the educational and pedagogical system, and other phenomena. Lastly, Ibraheem started recently to join groups and workshops that are concerned with the issues of climate change and global warming.