Hope for Tomorrow

It is early in the morning, but the sky looks like it is still night cloudy and a little dark.

Sara, the little girl, was already very terrified by all the loud voices of explosion from yesterday. Every second, she was carrying that heavy fear that it would happen again. This fear leads her to be a silent person and always be on her own. I don’t know how anyone can ever think of that little girl’s morality and motivation for the future. For me, it is like a black spot that is difficult to recognize and think of any positivity in her mind.

The door opens and her mom enters the room.She asks Sara to get ready.

Sara wakes up without questioning where they are going. She never had a specific plan anyways because she feels lost and nothing can shake her feeling to be happy, but probably feel  sad of the wayshe is feeling now.

They both head to the city, where everyone is rushing to buy the best product. Her mom suddenly stops in the corner.

Sara was Looking around and felt that she was lost in the crowd. She asks her mom.

[Sara]: what we are doing here? We don’t have money to buy something.

Her mom takes a deep breath and takes out a small piece of paper with the words “For sale” on it.

Sara was so disappointed.Her soul died, and the only thing left was her body, which people shouting and putting price on her. They are both surrounded by a circle of people. 

She had nothing left. She lost a little sense of identity she had by being a girl at that moment. She was staring at her mother’s eyes from the small square of Burqa which seems like a cage for all Afghan women and saw her mother’s eyes full of tears. She understands how sorry and speechless she is feeling.

Sara never dares to ask anything else, probably she forgot how to speak or even say a word at that moment; all she was feeling was that the world is on her shoulders and touching her soul with a very heavy fear and loss of her hope in her life.

The worst case is, she had a lot to say and a lot of reasons to cry out loud, but she was not able to cry, all tears collected in her eyes lead her green eyes to see blurry the world around her. There is only one question in her mind; was it the end of everything in her life?

At the last moment probably, she was looking for something, something white, or something bright same as her future career that always dreamed about it, but still it was blurry and unclear because of her tears.

She lifted up her head and tears fell from her eyes. Now she can see the brightness of the sky and the white color of clouds, but that was the last picture that she had from her life. She took that last heavily breath by saying “you touched my soul God” and closed her eyes forever.