Hein Htet Oo

Hein Htet Oo is a courageous human rights advocate from Myanmar who began his impactful work in 2016, focusing on providing support to orphans affected by the civil war in the country. His dedication led him to confront great dangers as he emerged as a prominent voice against humanitarian abuses. Hailing from Yangon, Myanmar, Hein Htet Oo personally witnessed the hardships endured by his fellow citizens under the oppressive regime, which strongly influenced his unwavering belief in the values of democracy and human rights. Over time, Hein Htet Oo transformed into an outspoken critic of various humanitarian issues, earning widespread admiration from fellow activists. Despite facing constant threats, he fearlessly shed light on the numerous atrocities taking place in Myanmar. In recognition of his exceptional work, he was honored with the British Embassy Social Action Award. Despite the immense limitations and challenges he faces, Hein Htet Oo remains dedicated to the development and betterment of Myanmar.