At the beginning were words,

Little hellos that were stuck everywhere.

I was a little frightened, my heart 

Clenched with emotion-

They were handsome, sophisticated despite the age – 

An exquisiteness that exceeded all limits,

Emanating wisdom with every little gesture.

A charm that germinated in every expression.

It was our first meeting:

I was young and flighty,

A juvenile cat Who felt the 

Imperious desire to discover it.

To tame it all of a sudden.

But the merciless tigers spare no one.

I was no exception,

That is why I did my best to please them…

But they reciprocated with breadcrumbs.

It did feel bothersome back then,

But I didn’t feel any revulsion.

I was dissipated, enslaved 

I was clumsy,

They lost their calm once again-

The Regal Tigers are always impatient

And I lost my head forever…

Fast forward to a decade in dragonfly time,

I am still the same.

Gullible but no younger.

Now I am 

Yet again the slave,

They are my Kings, My faith, My Idols:

The more I collect their words, the more I thirst for them…