Fahim Abrar Abid

Mr. Fahim is a highly motivated senior law student, an OSUN Scholar and an early-career researcher with a keen interest in Human Rights, Civic Engagement and Environmental Protectio. His research interest also includes Freedom and Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Fahim has been working in research-based environment in different capacities. He has the experience of working with OSUN, Brac University, Central European University, Amnesty International and many more organization. Currently, he is operating as a Paralegal under a UK based Immigration Solicitor, as a Legal Researcher at Map of Justice and as a Summer Intern at Brac University International Office. With a strong aptitude for learning and a visionary mindset, he look forward to welcoming new challenges and responsibilities. Having diverse experience on national and international levels, his aim is to ensure peace and justice in my community and on the global stage.