Fahad Usman

Fahad is a dedicated advocate of the united nation sustainable development goals, particularly goal number 4 & 8 (which is quality education and promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all). He is a highly motivated person who is concerned and working towards helping the underserved and deprived children, especially females in the northern part of Nigeria gain access to quality education. Fahad is also very passionate about the macro-level world economy, as well as the micro-level from the individualistic perspective. He possesses an insatiable passion for human capital development (HCD), therefore he is helping young people bring forth their best in order for them to achieve their life-long dreams, by engaging youth in career development programs, training, and also community development programs. Fahad’s research interest spans numerous contemporary organizational and HRD issues which include Organizational Ethics, Social Inequalities, Diversity, and Inclusion.