Equality or Equity

One evening after coming from my university, I heard my mother talking with our maids.  She was giving them their Eid dress as Eid was knocking at the door. Our one maid said to my  mother that she loves the dress whereas another maid said she does not want any dress, rather she wants the money as that money could help her family to eat good for some days. From their conversations, I understood my mother and our maid’s perspective. My mother was thinking as  equal; it would be right to give both of them dresses which will be justice without thinking that  both the maid has different situations, but I got her(maid) point through realizing her  circumstances as it will not be festive for her by wearing a dress if she does not have anything  good to eat which clearly pointed on “Equality vs Equity”. 


Equality and Equity sound quite similar but they are very different in terms of meaning. Equality  is a common word in today’s world, giving an individual or a certain group the same resources or facilities. We have diversity in everything but we need to acknowledge  that even if we give the same  resource to all, the outcome will not be equal. There comes Equity, giving resources to an  individual or a group by understanding their circumstances to reach a possible equal result. For  example, a shoe company sells shoes and they start manufacturing all shoes of the same size.  If we donate those shoes to all, that shoe might fit some people and might not fit some as not  every person  has  the same shoe size. So, that will not be beneficial to some people and like that  equality is giving everyone the same facility without acknowledging the  diversity of the society. Our  society has diversity in everything, there’s diversity in our looks, cultures, food, social status etc.  different circumstances of an individual or a group creates a different outcome  even if we provide the same resources. Equity is giving people what they need by understanding  the circumstances to create a better meaning of Equality. 


There’s a famous quote to justify Equity is better than Equality: 

 “Equality is giving everyone a shoe,  Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits.”