Blithewood, Klevakov Aleksandr - Aleksandr Klevakov


This poem was inspired by my walks with my friends to Blithewood, which has a magnificent view of the Hudson. I was an AUCA exchange student at Bard college, NY in the fall of 2022. This wonderful time spent there will always remain in my heart. And the memories of those days, which, although they will become farther and farther, will warm the soul even in the coldest and gloomiest days of life. And those wonderful people whom I met will always be good friends to me.

Meeting the sunset we are together

We stood on the edge of a cliff

We laughed and looked at the horizon

Where the train was going somewhere hastily

Ran forward, straight into oblivion

The wind gently blew

Singing along to the easy blues

And our life flowed slowly

Running easily, going nowhere

When it felt like a fairy tale

Told by someone in the book

Frozen moments in the photo 

Became memories for many years

Blithewood hidden among the trees

Was our secret path leading to

The meeting place of our dreams 

Streams of thoughts were leaving us 

Leaving space for souls

O Hudson, what a view!

Sunbeams were fondling us 

Contemplating it, we were

Filling our hearts with peace

And he will dream of us

Beckoning with its beauty

Now it’s covered in snow

And the rays no longer warm as before

And we parted ways

Far from place hidden among the trees

But time has no place

So here we are forever on its shore

Remaining the brightest blossom

Of the past days of the fall