Bleeding Burma


In a land once adorned with hope’s embrace, 

Where dreams took flight with each sunrise’s grace, 

Now shadows loom, obscuring truth’s path, 

As tyranny prevails in its bitter aftermath. 


A coup, a betrayal of democracy’s call, 

On that fateful day in February’s fall, 

Myanmar’s heart trembled, innocence crushed, 

By the clenched fist of power, its hunger flushed. 


The military’s grip tightened, relentless and fierce, 

As millions yearned for justice, for freedom’s pierce, 

But the junta’s iron fist knows no mercy, no remorse, 

Its footsteps were marked by darkness, fueled by deadly force. 


Across the nation, a brutal crackdown ensued, 

With blood-soaked hands, they waged a grim feud, 

Mass killings, arbitrary arrests, torture’s bitter sting, 

A litany of horrors, crimes against humanity they bring. 


Voices silenced, shackled by fear’s heavy chain, 

As freedom of speech succumbs to this reign, 

The truth, an elusive butterfly caught in their snare, 

As propaganda weaves webs of deceit, woven with care. 


In the face of oppression, resilience shall arise, 

Defiance takes form beneath sorrow-filled skies, 

For even in the darkest hour, hope flickers still, 

A flame of resistance, a testament to human will. 


Courageous souls gather, their spirits unbowed, 

In unity, they stand, their resolve unclouded, 

Through the storm of oppression, they march hand in hand, 

Demanding justice, pleading for their broken land. 


Let the world bear witness to Myanmar’s plight, 

For within this tragedy, we must find our light, 

May justice prevail, casting shadows away, 

And freedom’s sweet symphony shall dawn a new day.