Birds versus plastic Aka Nature versus non-degradable

the ugly photo


These significant pieces having such beautifully textured floor with two birds loitering could not make me happy.

As that plastic bag appear somewhat an enemy to the birds trying to snatch nature’s natural shelter they are dependable on.


The battle


The battle of focus between those free birds and hanged up plastic made machines.

So who won?



Now to air conditioners are made out of

plastic…which is a serious threat to nature.

Are we focusing on comfort or the mother nature?

                                                                                                                                                    The necessary evil


                                                                                  Sadly in the everyday plantation process the plastic became a “necessary evil”

The obstructor


Though these photos were taken just to capture beautiful birds I somehow came across the plastics in those cellular network stations.

The Abundance


The abundance of plastic in our

community can’t be ignored.


I was just talking about those underrated enemies. what about the rated enemies of nature?

(and they are unfortunately present in those same photos above)