Bashir Mohamed Musa

I am Bashir Mohamed Musa a Sudanese refugee in Kenya for thirteen years. My parents are Mohamed Musa and Hawadia Hauthi. Both of them are Sudanese. I was born in Sudan in a region of south Kordofan in Nuba Mountains where there are so many sub-tribes with different languages. Our common languages are Arabic which we normally used as National. In my region, we are the victims of the disaster because we are not able to access any citizen inclusion since we are the marginalized people of Sudan. I was born in 1997 and grew up in war tone areas were-by every single day, gunshot is just like the bursting of the pressured balloon. When I was 10 years old, my father was killed in the Army front line and at the same time my village was attacked by Army group of unknown people, young children were gathered in one room and burned to the hashes, the ladies were raped, and the houses were burned down completely with all food stuffs. I also have an injury of the shrapnel from the guaranteed bomb on my leg. That moment was really very terrible because there was not any humanitarian Aid for medication that may intervened the loss of lives from the outbreak of the diseases and the injuries from the war attract. There are so many people died of malnutrition and the infection of the disease like chicken pokes due to lack of medication support and there are especially old age and children. That was the day I separated from my families in 2006 following people who were travelling until I just get myself in South Sudan where I stayed at the barrack in new Site for three years since 2007 to 2010 and in the next 2011, I move to Kenya due to the outbreak of war in South Sudan where I have settled in Kakuma refugee for 13 years more. I recently joined OSUN in 2022, I saw the program was very interesting with all the activities that was about the education which I knew it would help me.