Alamin Jebrin Tutu

Ata Ullah, He is originally from Myanmar unfortunately he is residing now in the world largest Refugee Camp which is based in Cox’s bazar Bangladesh. He found himself in the midst of a humanitarian crisis that forced him to become a refugee. On the fateful day of August 25, 2017, He fled his homeland and sought refuge in neighbouring country Bangladesh, along with countless others who were escaping violence and persecution in Myanmar. While living in the refugee camps, Ata Ullah is pursuing his education with determination. He grasped the opportunity to study through the OSUN hubs for connected learning initiatives, RhEAP Program. Despite the challenging circumstances, He strived to expand his knowledge and skills. His journey reflects the indomitable human spirit and the power of education and advocacy to bring about positive change in the world. In the sprawling refugee camps of Bangladesh, His spirit remained unbroken and life journey is a testament to resilience and a commitment to upholding human rights in the face of adversity. Rather than succumbing to the harsh conditions and uncertainties of life in the camps, he dedicated himself to making a difference. He has many inspirations to create a better place for everyone, especially for those whose voices are underestimated. His unwavering commitment to human rights led him to advocate for the rights and dignity of the Rohingya community, who had also been forced to flee their homes.