Refugee Child Crisis

Watching injured children from Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Sudan, and some other parts of the world being affected by the daily crisis happening, leaving them as orphans, really troubled me. I thought of what can be done to help these innocent individuals but the answer I keep getting is I can’t help. However, I never admit the answer as I believe we can all help in one way or the other. These people are helpless!! I think of what I can do as a Graphic Designer? The right answer I got is to get into and create digital art paintings, that gives deep meaning and real connection. I was inspired to make some digital paintings with the available photographs of these incidents. This actual submission really caught my attention, just like when we meet people, we know them immediately. When I saw this particular child’s picture, I felt an attachment and started caring about her. There’s this spiritual quality expressed in her face. A child is left alone due to the loss of her parents and this is what almost every refugee is facing! These could be our kids. No matter what, it’s always our family first!! I think about them and pray for them as I make this artwork.