Arnab Fouzder

Formerly a student of Computer Science, I have changed my trajectory and pursuing a major in Anthropology at BRAC University. Apart from being a full-time student, I work part-time as a UX/UI designer & Web designer and developer. I’ve been learning to design for over three years and planning to incorporate anthropological research into my designs when it comes to human and computer interactions.


I believe that growth comes from both learning from others and gaining experience through work. Being a part of the Low-Code/No-Code revolution, I’m always looking forward to opportunities to expand my skill set by working for both profit and non-profit organizations. As a friendly and professional individual (and an aspiring Design Anthropologist) who enjoys working collaboratively as part of a team, I’m always open to feedback and learning


Three things I always bring to all of my work and studies – Adaptability, Consistency & Persistence!