Anastasija Molokanova

I am Anastasia Molokanova. I was born on November 9, 2003 in Latvia, in a small port city – Liepaja. From an early age I was interested in the sea. My father and his friend built a small boat from the bow of a broken ship. Later it was called Četri Vēji (four winds). The boat was quite large, it could accommodate about 20 people. That’s how I spent half of my childhood, together with my dad, driving tourists around the port of Liepaja. In my hometown, I graduated from the 12th grade of the eighth secondary school. And I found something else I liked besides ships-writing. I liked to create something full-fledged and pleasant to read from the fragmentary information. My parents always told me, “If you have a hobby that gives you pleasure, then build a life on it.” That’s why I decided to enter the European Humanities University for Media and Communication. And I have never regretted it. I want to share with people the beauty of the sea. Even my first article was about water, namely the Neris River. My goal is to become a decent journalist and make this world a better place.