Amuri Robert Mwenda

My name are Amuri Robert Mwenda, I am a national of DRC aged 26 years old. I currently live in Kauma refugee camp, KENYA. As a result of insecurity back in my home country, I and my three sisters were forced to displace. I hold refugee status since 2014. I completed both primarity and secondary education here in kakuma refugee camp and joined other certificate programs before joining the OSUN RhEAP program. I am an advanced ICT certificate holder. I have been always engaged in community development activities and I am the executive secretary of a REFUGEE-LED COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION known as CRODEVU. I am working as a medical record clerk at IRC ( International Rescue Committee) I am part of the OSUN student voices for Refugees steering committee. I am the head of SIKIKA radio listeners group at FilmAid International in partnership with D.W Germany. I am a certified of OUSUN virtual student leadership conference. As a young leader, I am always interested in solution making programs and I don’t hesitate to join any meaningful initiative which is leading change in the society. I like making friends and connections with different people as I like learning new things every day.