A Lover’s Speech

A lover’s speech has no language

for the words spoken before the birth of light

On a balcony in Marie Stopes or the Chateau Broutel

are not those said at the same time

contemplating a dawn

On a stranded beach bordering the turbulent seas…

A beloved’s speech has no language

neither at the moment of the burst of desire,

Beside the burning pyre

nor in the deep

Lucidity of a dream.

You, the subway traveler

You, the woman born under the rays of another sun

You, the son of the sands of the Judean


who in your usual journey

Scourge through the bowels of this city of


One day you are struck by the song of others

without knowing anything about the librettos

it doesn’t matter if you say by the way,

in the middle of the noises of the metropolis;

hello, hi, hello, how are you,

Salaamuailaikum, bom dia, buon giorno,

magandam umaga.

I do not care.

Because your languages will look for each other

Despite your mother tongues

with the intimacy of lovers who meet

Under the silver light

at midnight

between complicit trees on Mount Aragats.

You are mine,

And I am yours

Regardless of the distinct cultures we share;

Beyond the faiths we have been assigned with.




Salaamuailaikum: (Arabic) Peace be unto you.

bom dia: (Portuguese) Good day/good morning

buon giorno: (Italian) Good day/ good morning

magandang umaga: (Filipino) Good day/good morning